Our Mission

Gen Next is an invitation-only organization of successful individuals dedicated to learning about and becoming engaged with the most pressing challenges facing future generations. With the collective influence of its national community of Members, Gen Next aims to ensure anyone can achieve success by expanding the opportunities that await them.

What We Stand For

We come together and work to drive generational change in three key areas:

Public education is in crisis at a time when global competition is fierce. The ability of future generations to compete and succeed globally hinges on education at all levels primary, secondary, and advanced. Access to quality, enriching education is necessary to give young people the skills, knowledge, and creative experiences they need to pursue great opportunities and achieve long-term success.

We believe our ability to grow our economy and innovate relies upon a great education system, and we must optimize the quality and accessibility of educational experiences for everyone. Change and results are best realized through increasing competition, accountability, and transparency.

To ensure economic growth and opportunity for future generations, we must promote ideas and policies that made the United States as successful as it is today. Creating opportunities for success requires a thriving free-enterprise economy that provides jobs, encourages innovation, and rewards an entrepreneurial, competitive spirit.

We support policies and programs that encourage economic expansion, ensuring future generations have equal, or better, access to opportunities that we have today. Whether supporting pro-business policies or decreasing government interference and taxes, we strongly believe that increased market freedom strengthens the economy.

Without a stable, safe environment to grow up in, future generations have far less of a chance to achieve their dreams. Overcoming 21st century challenges demand that our nation's defense apparatus is the most funded, versatile, well trained, respected, and effective in the world.

We must prioritize diplomacy, and present a positive image of the US in the world. By observing trends in instability, violence, and extremism, both in our own neighborhoods and around the globe, we can better understand the roots of these problems, and develop solutions to solve them through community, technology, and other innovative methods.

Our Members

We’re a group of diverse business and thought leaders on a mission to make a difference for future generations.

Meet some of our Members:

Micha Mikailian

Digital Marketing Innovator
Micha started eBoost consulting to help startups achieve high-impact success. He also founded Intently, to help people visualize and reach their goals.

Farah Pandith

Diplomat for Peace
Currently in residence at Harvard University, Farah was appointed the U.S. Special Representative to Muslim Communities in 2009, and helped the State Department connect to communities around the world.

Alex Bhathal

Global Manufacturing
Alex Bhathal is President of RAJ Manufacturing, the swimwear industry's leading House of Fashion.

Paul Makarechian

Gen Next Founder
Through Makar Properties, Paul develops some of the world's most exciting boutique hotels. He founded Gen Next to tackle the challenges facing future generations.

“Society grows great when wise men plant trees

whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

– Greek Proverb

Membership: Experience and Impact

Stay informed. Become engaged. Make an impact.


Influential Community

Learn, connect, and build relationships with an outstanding community of exceptional individuals.

Exclusive Programming

Unique, relevant, and informative programming with consequential thought leaders and decision-makers.

Global Travel

Exceptionally curated Member-only delegations to key areas around the globe, including hands-on experiences with the world's top leaders and issue experts.

Gen Next Foundation

Our foundation incubates and scales social enterprises and policy solutions that will make significant improvements in the lives of many around the world, using a venture philanthropy model.
gep pac

Gen Equity PACs of Gen Next

Our political action committee identifies and supports aligned, effective, and bold candidates and causes that have political courage to make a positive, lasting impact on future generations.

Exclusive Programs

We host programs around the world with the most influential thought leaders and decision-makers.

H.E. Paul Kagame

President of Rwanda

President Paul Kagame of Rwanda joined Gen Next Members to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide. He spoke about the importance of forgiveness and understanding to help his nation heal, and his country’s plans to become a global IT and tourism leader.

Janet Napolitano

President, University of California System

As a former Governor and U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, Napolitano brought great insights and anecdotes to share with Gen Next Members. Her passion for expanding access to education brought her to the helm of the UC system, the most respected public education and research system in the world.


Former U.S. Secretary of Defense

Described by peers as a warrior monk, General James Mattis built a decorated career in the military, playing significant roles in both the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He would go on to serve as head of Central Command, and eventually as the secretary of defense for the United States.

Bradley Tilden

CEO, Alaska Air Group

Tilden has helped Alaska Airlines grow from a regional icon to a national brand, and innovative leader of the U.S. commercial aviation industry. The highest-rated airline for both on-time arrivals and customer service, Alaska Airlines has maintained a reputation most airlines dream about, thanks to Tilden’s leadership and passion for air travel.

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